Are you a regular consumer of photography blogs? If so then Fotomag is the app for you - Fotomag is a beautiful, fun and simple way to follow your favorite photo blogs. Fotomag is available as a free download for the iPhone and iPad platforms. You can download it from here -

Fotomag staff has scoured the internet to find more than 150 of the best photography blogs for you!  The blogs are neatly organized into several categories for your browsing convenience. Foton currently supports the following categories  - Photographers, Forums, Digital editing, Gear and News, Lighting, HDR and Photography business news. As we hear more feedback from fellow photographers expect this list to grow. If there are blogs you would like included in Foton please use the contact information below to provide us the necessary details.

In each of the above categories you can either browse individual blogs or browse a neatly laid out collage of the latest  entries from all the blogs. The collage is a very convenient mechanism to browse updates to all your favorite blogs in one tap! The "Featured" category is a selection of interesting photography blogs picked out by the staff at Foton. If you like a blog post you can share it with fellow photographers using using email.

Fotomag works well on both the iPad and the iPhone. If you have any comments/suggestions/bugs/questions please use the feedback button on the home page to provide feedback. You can also provide feedback at - we would love to hear from you! screenshot1,2